KevlinX is highly committed to lead in sustainability

KevlinX is committed to designing, building and operating sustainable, energy efficient data centres which will help our customers meet their own environmental targets while lowering cost of ownership.


KevlinX aims to meet its stringent sustainability targets and reduce environmental impact by utilising:

  • Clean Energy – Energy is a fundamental component of the services we deliver and KevlinX is committed to ensuring that it offers 100% renewable, reliable and affordable power.
  • Sustainable Operations – KevlinX is committed to reducing its impact on the environment by constantly seeking to achieve efficiencies through active management and monitoring of our facilities; optimising, recycling and conserving resources. 
  • Innovative Design – Building resource efficient and environmentally responsible data centres is a core competency of KevlinX.  Environmental design excellence ensures our data centres meet our customers’ requirements for low PUE, high energy efficiency, highly secure and connected facilities that lower the total cost of ownership.