KevlinX provides customers world-class, dedicated, private connection options to various network, cloud and IT service providers.

KevlinX interconnectivity solves the problem of how to exchange and transfer data at speed, with low latency and high security among multiple public and hybrid clouds, companies and customers across different networks, both locally and globally, whilst avoiding vendor lock in.

KevlinX carrier neutrality provides you maximum optionality and enables you to interconnect with any provider, customer or partner to meet your digital strategy, deliver optimum performance while reducing operational costs.

Internet Exchanges

Internet Exchanges are typically not for profit organisations whose focus is on investing and strengthening their networks for the benefit of their members who ultimately benefit through improved network performance, lower latency and transit costs whilst retaining control.

KevlinX provides interconnectivity options with a variety of leading Internet Exchanges in Europe and offers access – through simple, direct connections – to a global network of ISP’s from over 75 countries who directly interconnect networks and exchange IP traffic.

Cross connects

A cross-connect is a physical, hardwired cable (fibre, coax or copper) connection between two businesses inside a data centre, typically established in the Meet Me Rooms (MMR’s) which are pre-cabled to ensure accurate and timely implementation.

KevlinX cross connects give you secure, high performance, low latency, redundant links to a dynamic ecosystem of enterprises, cloud on-ramps, carriers and systems integrators.