KevlinX offers high-performance, secure, and reliable connections to multiple leading cloud providers

Although a cloud-only IT infrastructure can offer companies great scalability and reduced upfront costs, many companies have come to the conclusion that a hybrid cloud infrastructure is the optimal solution.

One of the reasons is that some applications require low latency connectivity and consistent network performance that a cloud-only solution cannot guarantee. Furthermore, a cloud-only solution is not necessarily the most cost effective one.

KevlinX offers high-performance, secure, and dedicated access to multiple leading cloud providers, enabling customers to strategically allocate resources between public cloud providers and their private, dedicated IT infrastructure in our data centres.

Cloud Exchange

KevlinX Cloud Exchange is our ecosystem of enterprises and service providers, all on a single platform, through which participants can establish direct, reliable and secure connections with one another.

Whether you are a potential enterprise customer or a service provider (network or cloud), please contact us if you want to know more about the benefits of joining the KevlinX Cloud Exchange.

Public Cloud

KevlinX provides on-ramps to public cloud platforms which are private direct connections between the customers private infrastructure and the public cloud provider.

Our private cloud on-ramps are secure end-to-end and result in greater reliability.

Hybrid Cloud with Megaport

Through KevlinX’s partnership with Megaport, customers also have the ability to seamlessly connect their private IT infrastructure with various leading cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS and many others.

Customers have the ability to set up a high-performance hybrid cloud architecture and benefit from a fully redundant network giving them maximum privacy, reliability and control.

Hybrid Cloud with Console Connect

Console Connect is a Software-Defined Interconnection® platform that makes connecting to cloud-based, business-critical applications simple, predictable and secure. Backed by PCCW Global, one of the world’s leading telecommunications groups with a tier 1 global IP network spanning 150 countries, Console Connect helps creating direct and private connections in just a few clicks. The intuitive platform includes all the tools needed to dial bandwidth up or down on-demand and view utilisation and connection performance; no more lengthy contracts and long set up times.