Brussels, Belgium – September 21, 2021 – Two significant trends are shaping our world today: the climate crisis and the digitization of the economy and society and they are linked.

To provide an idea of the scale of digitisation “90% of the data available in the world today was generated in the last 2 years – and it is expected to grow to 180 zettabytes (that is 21 zeros) by 2025. To put a zettabyte into context, storing just one requires 1,000 data centers, or about 20% of the land area of Manhattan” according to Westfield Capital Management

At the same time, according to the Uptime Institute, efficiency in data centers is flatlining. In 2020 the average PUE (power usage effectiveness) for a data center was 1.59, a slight improvement over the average of 1.67 in 2019 and a decrease in the average of 1.58 in 2018.  However, this is the industry average. KevlinX is designing and building its facilities for the environment and is driving innovation with the latest efficient, sustainable technologies whilst building at large scale which leads to PUE’s of less than 1.2 – a significant efficiency saving.

The goal of creating and maintaining a sustainable future for data centers guides the way that KevlinX design, construct and operate its facilities which goes beyond a focus on energy efficiency. So increasingly water and downstream scarcity in much of the world is driving KevlinX focus on water usage reduction especially in the case of potable water.

Water-based cooling methods require substantial amounts of one of our planet’s most precious resources. Where possible, KevlinX data centers use airside cooling to eliminate the millions of gallons of water required for water-based cooling methods. In addition, KevlinX constantly reviews the design of its cooling systems to further reduce water use, and adapt to changing weather conditions based on real-time sensor data

To help conserve local drinking water sources, KevlinX continually evaluates whether the use of non-potable water for cooling purposes is possible wherever KevlinX sites its data centers.

Similarly, KevlinX implement on-site modular water treatment systems to reduce the water intake needed to cool its data centers. When using evaporative cooling units water is cycled through the system however as minerals build up as the water evaporates it eventually requires replacement with fresh water. The water treatment systems enable KevlinX to remove scale-forming minerals and reuse water for more cycles, thereby reducing the overall use of potable water.

Finally, KevlinX commitment to use renewable energy also has an impact on its water efficiency and not just the environmental benefit of lowering carbon emissions. According to the International Energy Agency, the energy sector is responsible for 10% of global water withdrawals, used for operating thermal power plants and producing fuels. By utilising energy from wind and solar plants which do not require large amounts of water to operate this overhead is avoided.

What this means for KevlinX customers is that they can be confident that KevlinX will enable them to meet their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets which are of increasing interest to investors, stakeholders and employees. In addition, the efficiency of KevlinX data centers and operations ensure that this is reflected in a compelling and highly competitive business proposition.

KevlinX believe that our data center offerings will play a central role in decoupling economic development from emissions growth and that this will support other industries to meet their own climate neutrality goals. KevlinX are committed to building clean, green, energy efficient and sustainable data centers and being a signatory to the CNDCP emphasises this commitment.

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All KevlinX sites meet international construction, management and security standards and are powered via clean, green sustainable sources. All sites are carrier neutral and offer world class fibre connectivity from multiple providers.


KevlinX is committed to designing, building and operating sustainable and energy efficient data centres to minimize the impact on the environment, optimize the use of energy, and deliver improved performance to our customers.

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